I’m primarily Unity 3D devloper (I prefer to write code in C# rather then JavaScript, but both can go). There is some Java knowledge that I mostly use for writing Smartfox extensions. Beside Smartfox, I’m capable in making applications that use Photon Cloud or Player.IO. I also have significant experience in web development with PHP.

Below is some of my work and if you like it – here’s my e-mail, maybe I can do some great Unity 3D stuff for you…

UForge Imaging
UForge Imaging is Unity Editor extension for image processing. It’s a great help when you need to make quick changes to your Unity textures. Modify them with various filters: blur, contrast correction, contrast stretch, grayscale, gaussian blur, median, mean, mirror, oil painting, pixellate, sepia, sharpen, additive noise, invert, threshold, rotate channels, jitter, edges, simple posterization, salt and pepper noise, hue modifier, HSL linear, HSL filtering, histogram equalization, gaussian sharpen, brightness correction, color remapping, color filtering, channel filtering and adaptive smoothing. Combaine various filters using textured filter or enter your own kernel matrices with convolution option. Tested for Unity 3.5.6 and Unity 4.

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Example 1
Example 2

Quiz Maker
Quiz Maker is two-in-one solution that enables you to easily create your own quiz in Unity 3D game engine. It consists of two main parts – Quiz Maker Editor and Quiz Manager.

Play simple quiz made with Quiz Maker!
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Filter Me!
Filter Me! is small and simple image processing script for texture filtering in Unity 3D.

See it in action!
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Basic Sudoku Kit
Simple and classic sudoku game with generator.

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Play a small demo!

Memory Game
Simple and classic memory game.

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Play a small demo!

Crossword Game
Simple crossword game.

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Make a Word
Simple word making game project. The goal is to make a word from scrambled letters.

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